January 12, 2011

Chicken & Alcohol

Chicken & Alcohol

Hydrophunk / The Industry Series
January 12, 2011

I can't help but think about all of the people in the industry (in particular hip hop 'artist') who are in the distribution and promotion of alcohol (spirits) and the new craze 'hot wings'

Recently, I saw a report Flavor Flav was opening a chain of fried chicken spots, FFC (Flavors Fried Chicken) and will alsohave his signature line of alcohol. Some rappers went from owning FatBugers to Wing Stops. but this morning I saw this

http://mediatakeout.com/external/46027 (the original story on TMZ)

Jay-Z investing in a little ass Buffalo Wing company in the hood, sounds good right...
and it made me think of the movie Undercover Brother.

Undercover Brother Storyline

A white faceless corporate despot known only as "The Man", has the power to unleash a terrifying top-secret weapon: an irresistibly packaged psycho-hallucinogenic drug that will reduce the entire population to mindless zombies. but black folks have soul. But with enough funky sense of style, a smooth way with the ladies and an absolute hunger for justice, with his Bruce Lee moves, Cadillac attitude and an arsenal of outrageous disguises and gadgets, Undercover Brother is recruited by the group of Good Guys, know as the B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D. an all-black justice league to foil the Man's plan to derail a Colin Powell-like presidential candidate, and Undercover Brother's undercover exploits keep the slim plot moving. But while he and his sassy cat-fighting partner known as Sistah Girl tries to find out what's going on, the leader's ruthless right arm, Mr. Feather, discovers the conspiracy's sexy secret weapon, Penelope Snow.

So I thought, I was on here too much. Maybe I wanted to make this connection until I saw the logo. What do you think???

It’s said that Buffalo Boss is already making its positive impact in the community, as the eatery recently rewarded outstanding students at a local school with free food.

Why would you want middle school kids eating this mess? Cutting down the brightest with this food is a reward?

Why not invest in chain of SuperMarkets with fresh fruits and veggies!!!

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