March 13, 2013


Leaked audio recording of Bradley Manning describing his response to the July 12, 2007 Baghdad Apache airstrike video that documented the killing of two Reuters journalists.

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March 11, 2013

Paedophile Teacher Gets Caught By Undercover Journalist

A teacher is confronted by under-cover Journalists in Birmingham city centre.
Pay attention to his 'body' language and understand what is happening here.

Filth like this exists everywhere and it is a disgrace that some of them are around our Children with these evil intentions... it's time to shut them down.


Federal Employees engaged in the Child Porn Industry

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March 9, 2013

How Hemp Threatens the Corporatocracy

Abby Martin takes a look at the real reason why hemp is illegal in the US,
the truth might surprise you.

1:10 - Eye see you too

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March 5, 2013

New 9/11 Related Press Conference

02/14/2013 - This is a press conference held at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay
in relation to detainees being held there on terrorism related charges.

March 4, 2013

Rare view of Building 7 Prior to Collapse

See 2:54 for one of the closest, clearest views of World Trade Center 7 before it's collapse.
Note the floors with lines of windows broken out, the falling debris from the towers struck this building on the opposite side as shown in this video. Ask yourself how that debris from the towers, which struck WTC7 on the opposite side of where this video is shot, several stories below the damage depicted at 2:54, could possibly cause windows on the opposite side of the building, several stories above, the blow out? And not the windows on the same floors as the debris struck? How did the DUST CLOUD from the twin tower's collapse incinerate all these vehicles which were blocked from falling debris by WTC7, a 47 story building?

The answer is thermate and nano-thermate, which has been found and confirmed using XEDS spectroscopy in ALL wtc dust samples. Be they government, independent. All samples contain nano-thermate.

And for the debunkers, no, this is not paint, XEDS spectroscopy comparisons of WTC paint taken from memorials, compared to the red/grey chips found in the dust samples, shows two completely different composites, and the WTC paint contains ZERO particles on the nano-scale in size.


Ron Paul: WTC7, That's the one that's most suspicious

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March 3, 2013

The Mena Connection

The Mena Connection - Paul DeRienzo

An independent group of researchers in Arkansas are charging that Governor Bill Clinton is covering up an airport used by the CIA and major cocaine smugglers in a remote corner of the Ozark mountains.

According to Deborah Robinson of In These Times, the Inter mountain Regional Airport in Mena, Arkansas continues to be the hub of operations for people like assassinated cocaine kingpin Barry Seal as well as government intelligence operations linked to arms and drug smuggling.

In the 1980's, the Mena airport became one of the world's largest aircraft refurbishing centers, providing services to planes from many countries. Researchers claim that the largest consumers of aircraft refurbishing services are drug smugglers and intelligence agencies involved in covert activities. In fact, residents of Mena, Arkansas, have told reporters that former marine Lt. Colonel Oliver North was a frequent visitor during the 1980's.

Eugene Hasenfus, a pilot who was shot down in a Contra supply plane over Nicaragua in 1986, was also seen in town renting cargo vehicles. A federal Grand Jury looking into activities at the Mena airport refused to hand down any indictments after drug running charges were made public. Deborah Robinson says that Clinton had "ignored the situation" until he began his presidential campaign." Clinton then said he would provide money for a state run investigation of the Mena airport. But according to Robinson, the promise of an investigation was never followed up by Clinton's staff. In fact, a local Arkansas state prosecutor blasted Clinton's promise of an investigation, comparing it to "spitting on a forest fire."

School Shut Down Due To "Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" Ringtone.

March 2, 2013