9/11 Truth


Well, there is no doubt about it in my mind that the attacks on 9/11 were
one of the best psy-ops ever. Please take time to consider the following...

Able Danger, P2OG & PNAC

World Trade Center built to absorb Multiple Jetliner Impacts

I Think a Bomb Went Off In The Lobby First, Then The Plane Hit


World Trade Center 7

See if you can clap your hands 47 times in 6.5 seconds... can't do it?

either could 47 DIFFERENT FLOORS (brackets, beams, fasteners, etc...) plummet to the earth in 6 1/2 seconds WITHOUT an accelerant, like thermite.

John Kerry confronted about World Trade Center 7

John Edwards Confronted About World Trade Center 7

Many people are also still unaware of the plot to destroy The George Washington Bridge in New York City, or the isreali "art students" who were here on 9/11 to "document the event"

The Pentagon:

Pentagon struck by a missle...er, plane

Other Explosions at Pentagon on 9/11

Flight 93 / Pennsylvania:

Why were the Bin Laden Family (120) able to leave the United States, when no one else could fly?

Were we really ever looking for Osama Bin Laden...?

...or are "we" doing something more sinister to our troops? Remeber that George W. Bush stated this was a "crusade" and that it would "take time to restore chaos"
Order out of Chaos: N.W.O motto

Who killed John O'Neill?
Barry Jennings

...Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone was killed in a airplane
"crash" shortly after this speech.

Almost 10 years after the the attack most people know that they are not getting the full truth from the government about what happend that day, and yet innocent soldiers and civilians are STILL being killed over some crack pot story about 19 guys with boxcutters.


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