November 28, 2011

By The Way... F-U Cheapo Records!

Apparently Dr. Martin Luther King & what he stood up for are a joke to the folks over at Cheapo Records in Minneapolis... I'm not laughing.

November 4, 2011

November 3, 2011

The Dangers of MSG

The Dangers of MSG
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November 2, 2011

Springmeier Sprung!

As any regular viewer would know, Mr. Jones is NOT all that he seems to be, but we will not beat a dead horse here.

Instead we can rejoice that a TRUE researcher has been released from prison!
(which he was placed in on trumped-up charges)

Welcome back Fritz!

I Feel Like I'm Taking Crazy Pills

Like the song says... "Everybody knows"

But, what are we gonna do about it?
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