December 10, 2010

Music Occult Symbolism

Music can, and does influence people more than they are probably willing to admit. Music can also be used as a weapon, from LRAD to Binaural Beats, the New World Order is using it to attack you.

Satanic Pentagrams (take a second look at the Grammy Logo above)

American Music Award from the Illuminati.

New Ad Campaign Wants You to Really Focus on Masonic Symbolism
50 Cent wears his Illuminati hat proudly.
(all he had to do was be a complete sellout.)
Aleister Crowley peepin' on The Beatles Sgt. Peppers Album.

 Cher offers us an apple while embracing the snake.
(...hopefully I don't have to explain this one)

Justin Timberlake flashes 666 among other occult symbols in this cover.
(Did you believe him when he said he had, "no strings attatched"?)


"If you're into evil, your a friend of mine."

Bon Jovi

Lady Gaga

Led Zeppelin


"My favorite tarot card is Death, OH! Here it is!
How strange Death should be right on top. Anyhow,
I find it extraordinary how strong are the feelings
this card inspires in me."
~ Sting

The Rolling Stones

One eye symbolism from George Michael of "Wham"

Kid Cudi headed to Oz.


(Mic stand complements of H.R Giger)

Much like Democrats vs Republicans

What is "saggin" ?

 All Seeing Eye stage.
The All-Seeing Eye at a Jay-Z & Eminem Show.

Daft Punk's pyramid with floating capstone.

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