January 12, 2011

American as Apple Pie

Obama just said that the little girl who was killed in Arizona on saturnsday (who was born ON 9/11/2001) was striving to be "The first female" major league baseball player, and that she told her mother all the time how "blessed" we are here.

Did she also make a kickass apple pie? I mean, how much more "american" could she have been?

She knew nothing but a Post 9/11 American Police state at war(s), & with our civil liberties being evaporated right before our eyes, we as Americans are anything but "blessed" at this point in history.

I am very saddened by this senseless violence & I mean no disrespest to the slain. This is just another way Americans are going to get screwed with "the big red, white and blue dick WE are getting fucked by", as the late George Carlin said.


(not to mention the paycheck he recieved)


The Planned Shooting Of Congress Woman Gabrielle Giffords

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