December 23, 2010

Jay-Z's Occult 9/11 Ritual(s)

On September 11, 2009 Jay-Z held a concert at Madison Square Garden.

"For the" 9/11 First Responders...

"Released" - 9/11/2001

"Released" - 9/11/2009

Jay-Z starts by walking through the coulumns.

Church of Satan Founder: Anton LaVey

Who decided on the flashing inverted pentagrams?

This is what a Zombie looks like.

"Make some noise for everybody that lost their lives so we could live ours."

This statement seems really odd when you think about the context in which, when & where it is being said.

Repetition is a big part of mind control / Conditioning

After placing the Victims of 9/11 & then "buildings" on the fancy screens, then showing them "collapse"... how do you think that effected those watching those subconsciously while they we're being indoctrinated with just about every means?

Watch the full concert here


Music Occult Symbolism

Who is Rainman?

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