November 27, 2013

November 25, 2013

The Assassination of Senator Paul Wellstone

While many people believe that Senator Paul Wellstone's perfectly-timed plane crash was an accident, there are those that would say the evidence suggests it was an assassination instead.

We Are C.H.A.N.G.E Colorado meets Immortal Technique

We Are Change Colorado had the opportunity to meet with Immortal Technique on 4/20 in the cannabis capital of Denver Colorado when he performed for the Colorado Project and Club 64.

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We Are C.H.A.N.G.E Colorado

Black Pope gets questions from We Are C.H.A.N.G.E L.A

WeAreChangeLA wanted to get the skinny on the Jesuit General's nickname and the legendary High Oath of the Jesuits. Who better to go to than the General himself?! We also threw some 9/11 Truth questions at him, you know us. Anyway the General didn't do so hot.
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November 24, 2013

Ask J.P. Morgan

Almost spit coffee all over my computer reading this. Hahaha ...Well played ya'll!

November 22, 2013

50 Years In Denial

50 years is far too long.

We Are CHANGE talks to Piers Morgan about Conspiracies

In this video Luke Rudkowski randomly see's CNN's Piers Morgan walking down the street in NYC and decides to do an impromptu interview. The interview starts off on an interesting note when conspiracies are brought up and Piers with his staff decide to make jokes instead of addressing serious conspiracies like the Gulf of Tonkin. Piers in this video refuses to acknowledge any historical conspiracies and decides to divert the conversation.

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Man Finds Dead Mouse In Can Of 'Monster' Energy Drink

Always thought that stuff tasted a bit rotten! lmao {blech}

November 20, 2013

Highway Trey Radel

Looks like just as one Political drug scandal ends, another one begins...

On Wednesday, Florida Congressman Trey Radel plead guilty to purchasing cocaine. And of course there will be NO jail time.


Smoke Crack, Keep Job?

Owning a dog

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Another Cop Breaking The Law

...and refusing to acknowledge it.

Listen kid, I'm a cop ...I can do WHATEVER I feel!

No, no you can't. Hate to break it to ya sir, but you are a public servant. You MUST adhere to the same laws and regulations as us "civilians."

On a side note, if you are a police officer and you get angry and personalize every call, you probably should find a different line of work.

November 17, 2013

Microwave beam forms Tropical Storm

As shown in this video, a microwave beam went into the area, the area began to rotate, and now a storm has formed, and grown to the point of becoming a named system.... "ZORAIDA".

November 14, 2013

Time Spent In Congress

The American Public is the the only lobby these dirtbags should be concearned with.

November 12, 2013

Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry - Don Henley

Got the bubble-headed bleach blonde, who comes on at 5. She can tell you bout' the plane crash with a gleam in her eye.

C.I.A admits using the News to manipulate the U.S.

November 11, 2013

Who You Tryna Fool?

This commercial has been bugging me since I first seen it...

So we're suppose to believe that these heavily armed troops are bringing "aid"?

Look at all that helpful "aid"!

The multiple front war we are at now has VERY LITTLE to do with being helpful & bringing aid. We are being used as the military branch of the N.W.O plain & simple.

...Sadly, this is what the average soldiers mindset is becoming with all the sophisticated mind control techniques in play these daze.

Thankfully, not all of them are falling for the bullshit.

November 9, 2013

November 8, 2013

Alfred Hitchcock documentary on the Nazi Holocaust

A film the British Government deemed too grisly for release after World War II - has received its public debut on British television. Fifteen minutes of the black-and- white film, which was shot by the armed forces after the war, were televised Tuesday night by the Independent Television News.

November 7, 2013

Smoke Crack, Keep Job?

Well, it looks as though yet another political figure has been caught up in the steamy underbelly of society. Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford has admitted that yes, he has/does smoke crack. It looks like he also gets to keep the Mayor gig for the time being as well.

Sorry to say, but besides Meth & heroin, Crack is one of the most addictive and dirtiest street drugs on the "market." If you make a bad decision like smoking crack, what other bad decisions are you making?

If these are "public officials" then maybe they are the ones who should be randomly drug tested. We have let these sacks o' shit run amok with impunity long enough. There is something seriously wrong with the collective mind when we let pimps, thieves & murderers run EVERYTHING.

Wake up, you are being fed upon.

Refusing the Fruit Nazi Checkpoint & Driving Away

On a road trip and not willing to be stopped and question on our highways. We finally just drove away. We were not chased down or arrested. Thanks to my wonderful wife Sondra for her support and for boldly filming.

This is the Long Valley Agriculture Check station on 395N. 10/05/12 at around 3PM - We the people must rid ourselves of this tyranny by refusing to cooperate.

"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty" -- Thomas Jefferson

Top DHS checkpoint refusals

November 6, 2013


Did you "cast" your vote last night?

Now that they have your vote, do you think they'll really keep their promises?

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Underground Gonzo

November 5, 2013

Big Bank Theory

Bank Robs You!

Criss Angel to "Levitate" Shaquille O'Neal

Spike TV has brought Criss Angel & Shaquille O'Neal together to bring you more lies, hustles & deceptions on the idiotbox.

Talk about oversaturation. How long has it been since Shaq played basketball? Seems like he is everywhere these daze...

...this is most likely the reason. Shaq has joined the "boys club"
Shaq Announces He's A Mason & Shows Off Ring

Only one word comes to mind when thinking about these ladder-climbing, ego based "fraternities"...


Herpes & Disco

What do Disco and Herpes have in common? Hahaha A question for the ages...

Lets check in with the Good Doctor to see what he thinks!
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Underground Gonzo

November 4, 2013

The Elephant In The Room

The Elephant in the Room is a documentary following British filmmaker Dean Puckett through his journey into the 9/11 Truth Movement: a global movement of 'conspiracy theorists' who believe that the official explanation about what happened on 9/11 is totally or partially inaccurate. The filmmakers travel from middle England, across Europe and to New York for the six year anniversary of the attacks, where the film takes one final twist as we are introduced to the 9/11 first responders who are suffering from various grave health difficulties due to the toxic dust that they breathed in trying to help their country during the weeks after this tragic event. Told with a personal hands on approach that avoids advancing any one position, the film asks the question: are these crazy conspiracy theorists? Or is 9/11 Truth a credible political movement?

The film premiered at the BFI on the Southbank in London - winning Best UK Documentary at the London Independent Film Festival 2008.

November 2, 2013

This is my Voice

Shane Koyczan performs at the Words Aloud 4 Spoken Word Festival in Durham, Ontario, Canada, November 2007.