December 1, 2010

Steven Spielberg

“I had no way to sublimate or channel those fears until I began telling stories to my younger sisters. This removed the fear from my soul and transferred it right into theirs.”

For example, the movie that initially launched Spielberg into the limelight was Jaws, a film that he created to upset people. Spielberg confessed:

“I wanted to do Jaws for hostile reasons. I read it and felt that I had been attacked. It terrified me, and I knew that I wanted to strike back...”

On Poltergeist

“The film has some incredibly spiritual things in it...we show the spectral light that comes to earth, piercing a hole in time and space into the home of a suburban family...In our film, they are spirits or ghosts who don't know they are dead and who need a guide to take them into the next plane of existence through a gateway of spectral light.”

The Scripture completely condemns such activities. These are commonly found in the occult and knowingly inspired by the demonic realm. Of the upsetting situations he presented in the film, these carried a personal message characteristic of Spielberg's own distinct spiritual experiences and philosophy. The film, based upon experiencing the reality of spirit guides, was admittedly derived from his own experiences. Spielberg stated:

“My enthusiasm for wanting to make Poltergeist would have been difficult for any director I would have hired. It derived from my imagination and my experiences, and it came [partly] out of my typewriter.”

There can be no doubt that these spirit experiences are calculatedly influencing and empowering his directorial imagination and success. Moreover, the doctrines that are found in Spielberg’s films are readily found in New Age teachings and practices.

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