December 9, 2010

Movie Occult Symbolism

Aspects of Illuminati programming can also be seen in the movie "Spirits of the Dead", where spirit copies of one’s abusers are placed into the slave, and the movie "Cat Girl", where a beautiful girl is turned into a killer beast. Several movies have come out showing the concept of creating robotic people such as the 1920’s movie Golem, the 1966 movie Cyborg 2087, and the movie Frankenstein. [1]

According to Illuminati history, the Collins Illuminati Bloodline did pre-2Oth century experiments to create a Frankenstein, and Mary Shelley’s novel is actually secretly based on their research. The Rothschilds have carried out successful production of synthetic people this century. This is all in accord with the black magic goal of controlling bodies, whether live or dead. [1]

The 90 mm. "Night of the Living Dead" expresses the satanic black magic goal to control bodies. And if the Illuminati can’t control their slaves, the final solution, if nothing else works, is to- as the CIA say- "terminate with extreme prejudice" (a.k.a "Executive Action"), like they did to Mary Pinchot Meyer on Oct. 13, 1964, Princess Grace Kelly & countless others. [1]

007 agent James Bond has a "License to Kill".

Baron Samedi was a character in Live and Let Die.

Model for the Aliens in "Alien"
(hopefully you can see what the head is modeled after.)

(Concept art drawn by H.R Giger)

The "American" with George Clooney
(...yet more attacks on the American Character.)

Any Given Sunday starred Al Pacino, Jamie Foxx & Randy Quaid.
It was also chocked full o' symbolism.


(The Third Eye)


The Da Vinci code was written by Dan Brown & made into a movie by Ron Howard.

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Dragnet (1987)

The Fifth Element

Friends With Benefits
(the hand gestures are so original and funny!)

Get Smart



The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

James & The Giant Peach (& the Triple 6)

Josie & The Pussycats


Sherlock Holmes

Star Wars

The Stepford Wives

Jim Carrey mocking Jesus in The Truman show.

Have you eaten the apple Twilight is offering?

V for Vendetta based off of Jesuit terrorist Guy Fawkes.


One Eye Symbolism

more occult symbols from Robert Zemeckis.


Find more at:

[1]-The Illuminati Formula Used to Create

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