November 21, 2010


"It's a Secret Society, all we ask is trust"

"The people who cast the votes don`t decide an election,
the people who count the votes do."

Joseph Stalin

MK'd Lindsay Lohan and her Shhh tattoo.

St. John of Nepomuk ain't snichin'...

...either is Lily Allen

Colin Powell
(Shh... don't worry bout' WHERE this Anthrax really came from.)

Winston Churchill (Druid)

Is it coincedent that Rihanna, Lily Allen
& Lindsay Lohan all have this same tattoo?


I'm convinced that Tupac went against the New World Order (Illuminati) towards the end of his life, and ultimatly cost him his life, and perhaps his soul...

O.G Machiavelli

Martin Luther


Sup' G?

"Truth Idol" Ron Paul
(...who still ain't done shit bout' 9/11 truth)

Jerry Falwell & George H.W Bush  
Bush n' Bono

...Nah, this doesn't seem like a set-up. Not to mention the rumors of Sadaam being a Freemason, that would explain the mysterious clip of Sadaam's "execution."

This is Roc Nation Pledge your allegiance.

El Dialbo's Horns: 


...WTF? L-O-L!

Nicolas Sarkozy

 Good ole' Dick

Pat Robertson

 9/11 Truth "Superstar" Alex Jones


Michael Jackson with Rap Duo Kriss Kross
(reportedly sexually abused by Jermaine Dupri.)

MK Deception: The Abused

 I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way

 Mariah Carey

 Quentin Tarantino
( above, so below)

 ...The Pope after a Slayer show in Detroit

 Sammy Davis Jr.
(Church of Satan)

 Hard Rock Cafe

 ...a little reminder from Guitar Center

Everything is not OK...

Remember that Lil' Wayne is "Not a Human Being"?
...what is he then?

Justin Timberlake loves to perform "Sex Magik"

Jamie Spears

Harvey Levin
Hollyood gossip pusher (& lawyer to boot)

Jim Jones


Who is Rainman?

The "Roc"
(F.Y.I - Jay-Z did not "invent" this sign.)

(...either did Anton LaVey)

(...either did H.R Giger)

 Ozzy Osbourne

The "Diamond Cutter"

 Dragonball Z (T.V Show)

 Sugar Ray

Lebron James

 Kobe Bryant

 Tom Cruise

 Denzel Washington

 Alexis Jordan

Kimbo Slice

 European Union Ad

Mos Def



Jay-Z pays homage to Aliester Crowley.

Madonna pays homage to Satan.

 50 Cent pays homage to Satan also.

Uncle Baph wants you!

"Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions,
and over all the power of the enemy:
and nothing shall by any means hurt you."

Luke 10:19

(he's got good points, but I wouldn't call it Holy Scripture)

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Some of the pictures are interesting, but some are just absurd. I mean, the Mos Def picture is literally just a video frame paused in the middle of him moving his hands. And I myself have used the devil's horn gesture to represent rock and roll many many times in my life. I certainly am no illuminati member. In fact, I'm quite apposed. But it is this sort of sloppy journalism or research that does a disservice to the real effort to expose and stop the NWO.