March 8, 2010

WWE - Steeped in Symbolism

World Wrestling Entertainment is just
chocked full 'o' symbolism

Baphomet Star

Hogan represents America selling out
to the "New World Order"
(which is all too real)

Fatal 4way? What is this, snuff porn?

...well, it's pretty much porn.
Jump to 2:42 if you want to skip the Jackass segment.
(The shows inter-twine.)

No, not everything is "O.K" John

Cederic The Enterainer with a Goat (Baphomet)
(notice Cederic's hand gesture)

Here's Cederic again this time with a Pentagram

Watch more (Illuminated Sports Entertainment)

This is the event where Owen Hart died by "Accident"

...He's a Star alright.
(Hollywood Walk of Fame)


The WWF Flesh Fest

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