November 19, 2014

Mike Tyson opens up about Sexual Abuse

Mike Tyson opens up about Sexual Abuse ~ The Opie and Jimmy Show
Mike Tyson bravely admits that he was sexually assaulted by an older man when
he was just 7 years old.
Mike seems to finally be at a point in life where he is not being "handled" anymore.
Mike demonstrates his big heart by forgiving Spike. It was the HBO Tyson -- Stewart prefight show in December 1990 that Lee gave Don the green light to take Mike for everything he's got.

At this point in Mike's life, after just 2 years under Don King's influence: Mike was KO'd, TV commercial sponsors pulled away, his spokesperson roles for the NY City Police Dept, FBI and DEA, GONE. Lee knew all this.

Lee made his prefight show as if Don was Mike's best friend. Don knew that Mike was thinking of pulling away. So he hatched his masterful plan. Force HBO to use Lee's prefight show instead of their own. Don knew that HBO would do anything to keep King and Tyson on HBO and not let them flee to rival Showtime. And King knew that Spike would sell out Mike in a second.

The puzzling thing is that Spike is brilliant -- he knew that King was destroying Mike -- but he produced the show anyway -- WHY? Because he could not pass up the chance of getting his face on HBO.

Listen to Spike as he explains how Don King is being persecuted for no reason.

We all know now that Mike despises King for destroying him in and out of the ring.
But, all must be OK now since Spike is the director of Tyson's one man show. But, are we sure that Tyson recalls the incident. HMMM.

Lastly, listen to noted HBO analyst Larry Merchant accurately describe King as a "snake oil" salesman. For the younger generation that means a great CON MAN.

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