December 4, 2012

No Shit Sherlock!

A recent article in the Huffington Post states:

...Well, No shit Sherlock! Let's throw gas on a fire to try and put it out... Makes sense!

This has all been planned for looong time. Much like the Nazi agrresion of the 1930's-40's, this is where we (U.S) are now.

Most people think that America will fall to an "outside force", but we have failed to keep our own in check and it will be our own un-doing. See, there are many powerful positions filled with people posing as "Loyal Americans" ...when in reality, they are N.W.O/Globalist scumbags and their loyalty lyes with the Illuminati.

Could you imagine an East & West America? There is not much time left before global forces WILL be occuping America, if people don't pull their heads out there asses SOON and DO SOMETHING.

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