July 2, 2011

Charlie Veitch Epic Fail

Charlie Veitch AKA The Love Police

I really like this work until I saw this vid...

...struck me as odd. Freemasonry is PRO-N.W.O.


We Are Infiltrated?

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Ian said...

I am not a freemason.

Okay, now that that's out of the way, I no longer think freemasons are all 'in-on-it.' I think there are a few really bad people at the top doing bad things on their own without regard for the lower level people. Sort of like compartmentalization. Remember that you have to pay dues to be a Mason. The upper level people will have access to money that the lower level people give.

Masons are like any other person. Basically good and possibly participating in something that they don't know is bad. Any American who pays any sort of Federal Income Tax is participating in something bad. That doesn't make the American bad. The same goes for Masons. I've known several Masons over the years and I find them to be very benign. Mind you, I only know lower level guys. They tend to have a frat mentality like the one in the video.

Anyway, I just thought I'd throw that out there. And yes, I've listened to a large portion of Milton William Cooper's Hour of the Time. I take his view into account.


Anonymous said...

No, Masons are not like any other person. Masons have sworn a blood oath of allegiance to join a secret society. I've never done that and I know many other people who have never done that. They typically do this because they seek advantage OVER other people.